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Launched in fall 2018, The Sunday Lens is a blog, publication, newsletter, online magazine, and passion project that aims to share the stories, experiences, and cultures of the Palo Alto High School student community. Inspired by the distinct idiosyncrasies of people everywhere, The Sunday Lens captures the reality of everyday lives — both ordinary and extraordinary — through candid photojournalism and revealing vocalized thoughts. The Sunday Lens embodies quality, intimacy, and impact in its delivery of raw storytelling: a testament to its dedication to affecting every single one of its readers.


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Ashley Wang

Editor, Founder

journalism, although getting deep into food and restaurant culture gets her just as excited to write. Outside of writing, she keeps busy with wrestling and schoolwork.


Wang was awarded first place in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Circle Awards for her article "Peace Through Wrestling" in 2017. The same story also won an honorable mention in the 87th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition.


Wang will be attending New York University in the fall.


Ashley Wang is the editor and founder of The Sunday Lens. She leads The Lens's story production, heads its digital presence, and acts as both the primary webmaster and reporter of the publication.


In addition to her role at The Lens, Wang also works as a freelance writer for The Six Fifty. She previously held the role of co-culture editor at Verde Magazine, where she worked for 1.5 yearsThe exploration of human experiences is what Wang finds the most fascinating about 


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Zoë Wong-VanHaren is the photographer of The Sunday Lens. She takes and edits photos for the publication.


Wong-VanHaren first got into photography at the age of 12, delving into Instagram as a way of sharing her extensive travels outside of the U.S. In addition to traditional photography, she enjoys playing around with Photoshop and collaging to add artistic elements in her shots.

Outside of taking photos for The Lens, Wong-VanHaren works as the co-Launch editor of Verde Magazine, where she delegates stories, edits text, and designs the print layout of the Launch section. She's also a Teen Ambassador for non-profit organization One Love Foundation and the co-president of the One Love Club at Palo Alto High School. She runs workshops for her community that raise awareness about relationship abuse. In her free time, she competes for her high school wrestling team.


Wong-VanHaren currently attends Palo Alto High School as a 2020-graduating senior.

Zoe Wong-VanHaren




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