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  • How did The Sunday Lens start?
    The Sunday Lens took form in fall 2018 as a passion project based on the idea of raw storytelling. Drawing inspiration from the journalistic integrity of The New York Times, linquistic elegance of The New Yorker, and emotional intimacy of Humans of New York, The Sunday Lens evolved into a platform dedicated to sharing the stories, experiences, and cultures of people everywhere. Despite starting out as a platform for students of Palo Alto High School, The Sunday Lens will be soon be moving with editor Ashley Wang to New York.
  • Who runs The Sunday Lens?
    The Sunday Lens is primarily run by Ashley Wang, with the majority of photos taken by Zoë Wong-VanHaren, unless stated otherwise. You can read all about it here.
  • How is The Sunday Lens different from other publications?
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  • Is The Sunday Lens a Paly publication?
    Nope! The Sunday Lens is independently run as a hobby/passion project.
  • Why should I subscribe?
    Email subscribers receive newsletters with an editor's letter, campus news, and the most recent article delivered straight to their inbox every other Sunday. Subscribe here! Or, click here to check out our full newsletter archive.
  • Where can I find old newsletters?
    You can find our full newsletter archive here.
  • How do I get interviewed?
    Know someone who you'd like to learn more about or see interviewed? Send us a tip using this form.

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