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How Peter Martin, AKA "The Desk Kid," Spends a Summer Weekday

The student-mechanic handles everything from MIG welders to belt sanders before going to bed in the early morning.

Peter Martin works an MIG welder outside his garage-turned-workshop. "I’m never scared by the tools," he says. "I mean, the people in the Youtube videos I watch just go for it. So I do too."

By Ashley Wang     Photos by Zoë Wong-VanHaren

September 20, 2018

When Peter Martin says he spends a lot of time in his garage, he means it in its most extreme sense. Of course, his garage certainly can’t be confused as an ordinary one, seeing as it’s stocked to the brim with heavy-duty machinery, motorized vehicles, and heaping piles of tools and spare parts. It’s his own personal workshop; his little creative bubble where hours and days are lost track of when he’s in there tinkering and grinding out the not-so-glamorous specifications of his projects.


Genius—or something of that same vein, at least—has transpired in this garage before. His clever motorized school desk, which he rides around town on occasion in lieu of the more traditional car, is a testament to that. It's reached something of a celebrity status among his peers, giving rise to his rather identifying moniker, "The Desk Kid."

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I haven’t really been eating lunch... or breakfast. I usually wake up at 11 a.m. so I end up just skipping those meals. So I eat one meal a day, basically. It’s not ideal.

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